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Wuhan Diyuan Water Meter Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

We provided users with professional technology, products and services

       Wuhan Diyuan Water Meter Co., Ltd. (Referred to as “Diyuan Water Meter”) is located in Yangluo Economic Development Zone at Eastern Suburbs of Wuhan and it is a technology-based enterprise integrating of research, development, production and sales of intelligent metering devices invested by Wuhan Diyuan Investment Co., Ltd.
       The company has a registered capital of 16 million yuan and more than 110 employees, including 6 senior engineers and software developers, 22 technical personnel with intermediate titles and 58 professional technicians. The company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification. The company is a member of the Water Meter Working Committee of China Metrology Association and one of the first manufacturers in China's water meter industry with quality commitment to the whole country. The company has been awarded the titles of "Red List of High Quality Water Meter Products in Wuhan", "Top ten Famous Brand of Water Meter in China" and "Well-known Enterprise in Wuhan Market" for many times.
       Under the business philosophy of “brand, professional, trust”, the company insists on technological innovation to create value for customers, and has successfully developed large caliber intelligent remote water meter and GPRS remote automatic meter reading system, IC card intelligent cold (hot) water meter and prepaid, ladder water pricing system; All kinds of remote water meters and automatic meter reading systems; The cutting-edge LORA, LORAWAN and NB-IOT wireless remote water meter and meter reading systems; There are ultrasonic water meter, electromagnetic flowmeter, all kinds of new mechanical water-saving meter, high range ratio water meter, can support the production of a variety of specifications of movement and other nearly 100 varieties. Our products have been applied in more than 200 tap water companies in Hubei, Henan, Hunan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Shanxi and so on. The company has set up technical support, consultation, maintenance of after-sales service center, to provide customers with stable, high quality, fast service all time.
       Nowadays, facing the rapid development of water metering energy saving, environmental protection, smart water, Internet + technology, the company is committed to international standards. In September 2011, our company signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Israel Allad Dahlia Group Company, producing, processing and exporting all kinds of DN15-DN300MM telepaural meters and ultrasonic water meters. In April 2012, our company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hubei Provincial Institute of Metrology and Testing Technology to jointly establish "China National Metrology and Testing Center Large Flow Laboratory", becoming the only new combination integrating of research, development and production of metering devices in central and southern China. Adhering to the pioneering spirit of innovation and the pragmatic attitude of excellence, the company provided users with professional technology, products and services.



Wuhan Diyuan Water Meter Co., Ltd.

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